About Eddy Company, LLC - What We Do

As a fee-only advisor, Eddy Company works exclusively for our clients. Because commissions are not charged on assets, potential conflicts of interest are removed. Assets-under-management (AUM) fees are reasonable and negotiable.

Eddy Company works with a broad array of individual and institutional clients. Clients have the option of engaging our services on an ongoing basis or as needed for planning and education. Eddy Company strives to serve the needs of all clients, regardless of net worth.  There is no minimum dollar requirement for opening an investment account.

Eddy Company Offers:

✓  Ongoing Asset Management

✓  Personal Financial Planning

✓  Tax Preparation (State & Federal)

✓  Second Opinion on Investments or Current Financial Plan

✓  Retirement Planning Strategies

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Investment Account Types Managed:

✓  IRA’s (ROTH, Rollover IRA, Traditional IRA, SEP IRA, Inherited IRA’s)

✓  Taxable Investment Accounts (Individual & Joint)

✓  Irrevocable & Revocable Trust Accounts

✓  Charitable Accounts

✓  Institutional Endowments

✓  Cash Flow Spending Plan

✓  College Funding Advice

✓  Financial Seminars

✓  Employee Financial Education

✓  Distance/Virtual Planning